About Paycheque

Paycheque is structured to be an online tribe of existing, budding and potential entrepreneurs operating under the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment of the nation. Paycheque creates for a collaboration to mobilise forces and resources to execute strategies that will transform businesses in an agile manner. 


✓ Make arrangement for credit
✓ Encourage improved methods of starting and growing businesses
✓ Marketing and Business Help
✓ Set up of Subsidiary Cottage and Small Scale Industries/Businesses
✓ Increasing standard of living of members
✓ Encourage saving by members
✓ Bulk purchase for discounted sales to members
✓ Convert uneconomic households into Economic ones.

Our Dedication

By being mindful and committed to this approach, we uphold our dedication to people and their well-being. We promote an environment where we can push beyond boundaries and across borders to create businesses and jobs that help to fuel the Nigerian economy while enriching and empowering Nigerians everywhere.
It is this commitment that brings us together and sets us apart.